Spotlight on the New McLaren 720S

The Great White Shark was the inspiration behind this sleek and vicious McLaren machine. The silhouette of the 720S is clearly that of a McLaren yet details that lie within set it apart from the rest. On the exterior, the sleek flow of the lines around the edges controls oncoming air to reduce drag and cools the engine on and off the track.  You will also notice the slim pillars on the cabin that allow daylight to seep through the glass canopy and offers an unparalleled visibility of the road ahead. The grand opening of the doors is one of the most fascinating design features of the 720S. Designers build these doors to sweep forward and up to make entering and exiting effortless and graceful.

The life force of the 720S is a new and influential M840T engine with 720PS. Awaken the beast by pressing the start button and witness the twin-turbo V8 take off with a forceful roar that ignites all of your senses. While behind the wheel of the 720S, you will feel in complete control as data is pulled from a range of sensors that enable you to read the road and maximize your grip under all driving conditions.

In the interior of the 720s, one of the most lavish leathers in the world spreads from the heated seats to the front console and makes its way to the rear of the car.

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Ken Gorin

Ken Gorin is the President and CEO of THE COLLECTION, South Florida’s premiere luxury automotive dealership.