Porsche – “Why We Drive” Content Series

As a kid, did you ever gaze at a painting and have the urge to jump right in and experience life in that image? Did you ever want to experience that in your favorite car…? Porsche has launched their Why We Drive custom content series where three Porsche enthusiasts revealed the transformative nature of a sports car and why their Porsche has made an impact on their life. Their experiences were brought to life via artist Wesley Allbrok’s 3D Google tilt brush artwork to re-create the complete sports car experience.

Let’s take a look at the drivers:

Michael Ardelean is a design-minded essentialist who feels most at home in his Porsche. He describes it as the ultimate combination of aesthetics and efficacy and he strives for balance in the canyons of Los Angeles. Artist Wesley Allsbrook’s virtual reality artwork takes us into the Angeles forest with Michael to experience the comforting effect of nature he describes. Jump into the artwork here.


Mo Ali is a business strategist with an extreme focus on reason but admires the people and understandings that challenge his way of seeing the world. He found himself to be drawn to the raceway his Porsche where calculations still have a place in his heart. Once he’s behind the wheel, it’s all about emotion, intuition, and just letting go. Artist Wesley Allsbrook’s virtual reality artwork puts us behind the wheel with Mo and allows us to witness letting go. Jump into the artwork here.


Florence Walker is a unique writer from the South of France with a taste for adventure, which led her to an opportunity she will never forget: sitting behind the wheel of a classic Porsche 356 in the South of France. Artist Wesley Allsbrook’s virtual reality artwork lets us travel with Florence through the South of France. Jump into the artwork here.


It’s no question that driving a Porsche is a unique experience on its own but by describing these experiences, Wesly Allsbrook’s artwork is able to bring them to life and share it with the world.

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Ken Gorin

Ken Gorin is the President and CEO of THE COLLECTION, South Florida’s premiere luxury automotive dealership.