McLaren 720s Launch Preview Event

Miami gets a lot of attention for the attractions that make it appealing to everyone—the beaches, the clubs, the shopping malls, the restaurants, and, of course, THE CARS. What better way to kick off Spring Break, at the core of our unique city, than with a preview event for the stunning McLaren 720S. On Thursday April 6, 2017 enthusiasts joined THE COLLECTION, Toys for Boys and JetSmarter at Hype Studios in the heart of Wynwood to be amongst the first to witness the show stopping supercar.

Upon arrival at Hype Studios, guests were greeted by valet and were escorted through the studio’s doors. Drinks were poured, hors d’oeuvres were served and the 720S remained covered under the bright lights in the center of the studio. Anticipation was growing and it was easy to see that the McLaren 720S truly embodies the relentless quest to push the limits of possibility. Lighter, stronger and faster, guests could not wait to get behind the wheel.

Tony Joseph, President of McLaren North America, co-hosted the event and enlightened guests on the new Super Series. When it was time to unveil, more than 150+ guests surrounded the McLaren and were taken aback by the sleek and elegant design. Unveiled just last month at the Geneva Motor Show for the first time, it succeeds the 650S in the Super Series category.

There is a rawness to its layered design and a striking clarity with each sheet of slim metal, which teases us to the incredible power and technology that lies beneath. One of the softest, most sumptuous leathers in the world swathes the interior available in a range of luxurious coordinated colorways. The signature McLaren doors have evolved on the 720S to include part of the roof making it easier to get in and out elegantly, and creating a slimmer profile for parking in narrow spaces. The new M840T engine is a 4.0-litre unit with twin scroll turbochargers and 16 injectors. Always ready to give more, it devours road and track with a ravenous appetite. Like the Great White Shark that inspired its design, the 720S presents a sleek, sculpted look, evoking fearsome power and ability. The shape is the next evolution of McLaren’s modern design language that maintains the passion for beautiful simplicity.

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Ken Gorin

Ken Gorin is the President and CEO of THE COLLECTION, South Florida’s premiere luxury automotive dealership.