Ken Gorin on the Jaguar F-TYPE

The all-new Jaguar F-TYPE has been roaring through South Florida ever since it launched in May of this year. Sales are strong and the customers’ response has been overwhelming. The coupe is next to hit the market in May 2014, and as AutoBlog mentioned the “Jaguar F-Type Coupe proves sexy can’t be disguised”.

“As I am sure you’ve been reading, I am simply in LOVE with the new Jaguar F-TYPE,” said Ken Gorin, President and CEO of THE COLLECTION. “Jaguar has made magic with the F-TYPE. It combines amazing good looks with power, agility and performance. That’s a combination reminiscent of the only car I actually own – the Jaguar E-TYPE.”

Proof in point: lighting can strike twice.


Check out the Jaguar FTYPE in action: