Ken Gorin loves Hublot

Ken Gorin Loves Hublot

Ken Gorin always sports a timepiece by Hublot when zipping around town.

The perfect accessory to luxury vehicles? Fine watches, of course. It’s not unusual to find a car enthusiast who is also an ardent fan of mechanical timepieces. So while zipping around town in my Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, or Maserati, I always sport a timepiece by Hublot.

Created in Switzerland, Hublot watches are touted for their expert craftsmanship and sporty design. And THE COLLECTION and the horology brand share a common bond — and that’s our admiration for three-time NBA champion, and THE COLLECTION Brand Ambassador Dwyane Wade. Wade also happens to be an Ambassador to Hublot and there is even a watch created in his honor called King Power Dwyane Wade. Pictured here, you can see me wearing my red and black (unmistakably Miami Heat colors) King Power — because let’s face it; this timepiece is specifically made for winners. If you, too, are interested in acquiring this timepiece, I bought mine at the Hublot boutique in swanky Bal Harbour Shops.

Also of timely relevance? Hublot teamed up with Ferrari to create the world’s first iconic Ferrari red timepiece. Comprised of red ceramic — a huge feat in the ceramic world — this “Magic Red” hue is internationally patented. Another interesting tidbit? Red is the most difficult color to apply on materials, so everyone understands Hublot’s feat! You’ve got to love that.