Ferrari Test Drive at Cantina La Viente

Ferrari – Miami’s most sought after exotic vehicle. Cantina La Viente – Miami’s hottest authentic Mexican Cuisine. Saturday, April 22, 2017 – A perfect day for the two to come together and let’s just say it was a match made in heaven.

THE COLLECTION Ferrari, together with Toys for Boys and in collaboration with Hublot, invited guests to test drive the Ferrari California T and experience the power and sleek design up close.

Nestled in a relaxed setting in the heart of Brickell in Miami, Cantina La Viente is truly authentic and set a stellar ambience for the event.

Let me tell you a little bit about their menu…Every cantina is a cultural expression of the place where it is found. They offer an extensive menu of Mexican Cuisine dishes, offering representative dishes of each state of the country, with traditional techniques and recipes (handmade tortilla, sauces made in a molcajete), along with avant-garde techniques such as vacuum cooking, spherification, foam, etc.

Before enjoying the view of Brickell Key, guests were greeted by the sporty, elegant and versatile Ferrari California T and car enthusiasts had the opportunity to test-drive the Ferrari California T around the scenic roads of Brickell. While sipping on Fiji Water (and after their drive) a glass of wine from Landmark Vineyards, guests enjoyed an interactive look at Hublot’s latest timepieces and did a little shopping.

The mixing and mingling amongst guests took place all afternoon as they enjoyed delectable bites, cocktails of course the sleek Ferrari California T.

More about the Ferrari California T: Penned by the Ferrari style centre in collaboration with Pininfarina, the new California T is a sophisticated prancing horse grand tourer with a beautifully ergonomic and sumptuously handcrafted

A completely new engine that, in a world first, combines the instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and signature sound typical of a conventional Ferrari power unit with the fuel efficiency of a turbo. Made from aluminum panels over weight-bearing structural castings, also aluminum, the RHT also helps cut the California T’s overall weight to the bone. Both cover and top move simultaneously during the opening (or closing) cycle allowing the California T to switch personalities in an exceptionally short time.

For more information about the California T or any Ferrari model, contact Nick Gamarra at 305-476-2017 or visit

Ken Gorin

Ken Gorin is the President and CEO of THE COLLECTION, South Florida’s premiere luxury automotive dealership.