On Saturday, October 29th, Ferrari VIP guests made their way to THE COLLECTION for private previews of Ferrari’s latest model to their line-up — the highly-anticipated Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Following the theme ‘A Whole New World’, guests enjoyed an interactive experience with the GTC4Lusso through a Virtual Reality station.

In addition to witnessing the unveil of Ferrari’s newest vehicle, guessed sipped on champagne and noshed on stone crabs for an unforgettable Saturday experience.

More on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso:

The new GTC4Lusso is a profoundly innovative car with a completely new exterior and interior. In short, it offers a standard of technology that is absolutely unique in the GT world.
The GTC4Lusso boasts four comfortable seats, a mid-front V12 engine and a transaxle DCT. The GTC4Lusso is the perfect marriage of performance, GT content and style. It is, in fact, the most powerful four-seater Grand Tourer Ferrari has ever produced and also the only car in its segment to combine superb dynamics with blistering performance and exceptional versatility.

An evolution of the naturally-aspirated Ferrari GT V12 and a brilliant
combination of performance and efficiency, the GTC4Lusso’s power unit also
delivers a rich and powerful soundtrack in performance driving but is both
discreet and harmonious in GT contexts. Thanks to new components such
as redesigned piston heads that boost the compression ratio and Multispark
injection, it now also punches out 690 CV and 697 Nm of torque.

The GTC4Lusso’s aerodynamic design resulted in the introduction of new
content such as a slotted diffuser and a rear spoiler integrated with the hatch.
All these elements have reduced drag and improved aerodynamic efficiency.

New exterior
The car’s design has been completely overhauled with a focus on innovation
and with the aim of marrying sportiness with elegance whilst still retaining the
car’s exceptional space and comfort.

New cabin
Just like the exterior, the cabin has been completely redesigned. Its Dual
Cockpit concept is another first and was crafted to enhance the shared driving
experience for all the passengers as well as the driver. Much work has also beendone to improve in-car comfort, not least in the form of a new central climatecontrol vent and a new navigation and media system.







Ken Gorin

Ken Gorin is the President and CEO of THE COLLECTION, South Florida’s premiere luxury automotive dealership.