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Ferrari Track Day at Homestead Speedway

On Thursday December 7th, THE COLLECTION Ferrari, hosted an action-packed Ferrari Track Day exclusively for its Ferrari Challenge Drivers and enthusiasts at Homestead-Miami Speedway. While Ferraris are superb vehicles for the street, Ferraris are all inspired by racing, and shine on the race track. Ferrari Track Days allow all loyal Ferrari owners and prospects the […]

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The All-New Aston Martin Vantage

From Tokyo to Beijing to Dubai to London to New York to Los Angeles, the all-new Aston Martin Vantage was unveiled and celebrated across the globe this month — Nov. 21st to be exact. And with good reason because the novel performance sports car boasts world-renowned design and nimble performance. Did I mention it’s striking? […]


The Best of Cars and Movies

Back to the Future, The Love Bug, Mad Max, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Smokey and the Bandit — there are countless memorable cars in films and TV shows. Unforgettable car chases aside, these automobiles often times become the stuff of dreams and create a car culture for a particular brand. So without further ado, here […]

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Spotlight on the New McLaren 720S

The Great White Shark was the inspiration behind this sleek and vicious McLaren machine. The silhouette of the 720S is clearly that of a McLaren yet details that lie within set it apart from the rest. On the exterior, the sleek flow of the lines around the edges controls oncoming air to reduce drag and […]